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Setting up your custom domain

Setting up your custom domain with Celero is easy

Setting up your custom domain

To get Celero on your subdomain, we will need to go though the following steps. This takes as little as 15 minutes  to get your subdomain setup and the SSL certificate created:

  • This process is best completed by the the person responsible for your DNS configuration.
  • Chose the subdomain for Celero. Many markets choose engage.<domain> or content.<domain>  as their preferred subdomain.
  • Share it with us by sending us an email .Please specify if you are external register provider like GoDaddy, HostGator, Bluehost, etc.
  • We will send you two CNAME records to add to your DNS which have a 48 hour expiration.
  • Let us know that you’ve completed the configuration by replying to the email.
  • Alternatively, you can schedule a 15 min call with our technical onboarding team - and we can do this together.

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