Intelligent Remarketing with Google Ads

Intelligent remarketing uses first-party data and product feeds to create personalized ads for specific user segments

Intelligent Remarketing with Google Ads

Intelligent remarketing is an advanced version of remarketing that uses a combination of 1st party data and product feeds to create highly specific ads that appeal to highly personalized user segments.

Intelligent remarketing has two components:

  1. Intelligent audience segments
  2. Dynamic remarketing

Intelligent Audience Segments based on User interest, behavior and CRM data

Advanced remarketing with Celero and Google Ads allows you to create highly targeted remarketing audiences based on your customer data and behavior. Here's how it works:

  • Implement a User ID Tag: You add a user ID parameter to your website's global site tag. This user ID is a unique identifier that you assign to each user on your site. It doesn’t contain any personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Celero analyzes user behavior: When a user visits your microsites, the User ID tag transmits the user ID to Google Ads. Google Ads then associates this user ID with the user's Google cookie.
  • Build Audience Segments: In Google Ads, you can leverage the User ID to create remarketing audiences based on your customer data. This data can include website behavior (e.g., visited pages), conversion history, or any other relevant information you already have including CRM data.
  • Target Remarketing Campaigns: With your audience segments defined, you can create remarketing campaigns tailored to these specific user groups. This allows for highly personalized ad messaging that can significantly improve campaign performance.

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User ID based advertising

User ID based advertising
Dynamic Remarketing

Creating Dynamic ads that feature products users showed interest or interacted with.
Dynamic remarketing, also known as dynamic retargeting, is a type of digital advertising that allows businesses to reach potential customers who have previously visited their website or used their mobile app.
Dynamic remarketing ads can include products or services that visitors viewed on the site, along with related information like price, image, and rating. The ads can be customized for each impression and can scale with the business's products or services. The goal is to build leads and sales by bringing previous visitors back to the site or app.

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Dynamic remarketing

What are the benefits of using this method over Customer Match?

Here are some of the benefits of using data segments with User ID:

  • Advantages over Customer Match
    • Data segments with User ID increase targeting coverage to signed-out traffic for Search and YouTube.
  • Advantages over data segments for Search Ads
    • Savvy advertisers have robust offline backend systems to build highly tailored segments from their CRM data. These segments utilize both historic and dynamic attributes, which can’t always be passed via the pings that use your data segments for Search Ads.
    • Post-facto state management: Your data segments for Search Ads is dependent on page views to drive list changes. Therefore, targeting newly identified customer segments would require the user to visit the advertiser website first (in order to be added to a new segment for Search Ads).

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