A faster way to create Landing Pages and Microsites

No more waiting in line or paying for technical help.
Convert any existing design, document and presentation automatically.
See how your audience is actually engaging right in your inbox or CRM.

Create anywhere

and turn it into a sharable Microsite in seconds.
Celero supports content created in Google Drive, Microsoft Office, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva and Figma.

Share Everywhere

Replace static PDF links on your website, campaigns and social posts.
Share as a QR code, embed on your pages or send private links.

Easy. Fast. No Code.

Skip the build

Bypass long wait times and costly technical assistance. With Celero, you can effortlessly convert any existing design, document, or presentation into a Microsite with a link, eliminating the need to learn new tools. Gain valuable insights into how your audience truly engages with your assets, conveniently delivered to your inbox or CRM. Say goodbye to unnecessary hassles and optimize your productivity with our streamlined solutions.

Save time

Avoid the costs and frustration of building Microsites. Create pixel perfect microsite from any existing asset in seconds.

See who is engaged

Track engagement with your microsite automatically. See Who's engaging and how right from your CRM.

Generate leads

Add a timed popup gate to capture new lead data from your Microsite, with the ability to integrate into your CRM

Fast and Easy

Updating your microsite takes seconds. So does making it mobile friendly. Anyone can do it in minutes, no technical knowledge required.


Celero incorporates  the insights gained from examining thousands of Microsites. Celero provides engagement insights, not a flood of data.

Peace of mind

Build and used by the largest organization, we take care of reliability, security and scalability.

Microsites created
Engaged Leads

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Microsite?

A Microsite is a small website with a specific purpose. It is often used for promotional campaigns, product launches, or to provide additional information about a product or service. Small businesses may use a Microsite as their website while others tend to link to Microsites from their main website. Microsites are typically used to complement a main website, providing additional information or resources without overwhelming the main site.

Can I build a Microsite if I don't have any technical knowledge?

Yes! Celero eliminates the need to learn a complicated web editor by allowing users to create a Microsite using their existing skills and existing tools they already use in their daily lives. Whether it's Canva, Figma, Adobe, Microsoft Office or Google Drive, users can easily create a beautiful website that reflects their own personal style and branding. Celero is the perfect solution for users who want to quickly and efficiently build their own website without needing to learn a complex editor.

Does Celero have a free trial?

When you join Celero, you'll receive two weeks of Pro access for free. After that, you can decide if you'd like to keep using Pro or stay with the free version.

What is a Published Microsite?

A published microsite is a website that is publicly accessible and actively used by visitors.  You can create an unlimited number of Microsites, and depending on your package, you can publish  them. With the free package there is no limit on the number of Microsites.