Integrating with Salesforce

See your engagement and gather new leads with Salesforce and Celero

Integrating with Salesforce

Integrating Celero with Salesforce is a breeze.

Just follow the steps below to get it done,

It only takes a few minutes.

Step 1: Request a link to Salesforce integration from Celero support

  • Once you’re ready, please email us on
  • We will send you an email with a link to install the Salesforce app.
  • Click on the link you receive from us
  • Install the Celero Salesforce app by clicking the link and connecting it to your Salesforce account.

Step 2: Connect your Salesforce account

  • After clicking "Connect" you will arrive at the following screen, requesting the account that you want to connect Celero with.
  • Please choose the account you wish to connect.

Step 3: Celero will start sending content engagement events to Salesforce

  • That's it! Nothing else is needed from you.
  • Within 24 hours, engagement data will flow into your Salesforce

Step 4: View Celero engagement actions in Salesforce Contact Activity

  • Celero updates content engagement as individual actions on a given Contact.

How does Celero integrate with Salesforce?

Email campaign with Celero links

Once live, Celero identifies the contacts that click on a Celero link and enriches their activity in Salesforce based on their engagement with the Microsite:

  • When creating your email campaign (e.g. using Pardot), add the contact ID as a url parameter to the Microsite link. For example: <microsite_link>?sfid=<15 letter Salesforce ID>.
  • When the contact clicks the link, Celero will identify that they are a salesforce contact and will verify that with Salesforce using the API
  • Celero captures engagement signals and analyzes them during the session
  • Once the contact session is complete, Celero will automatically update the Contact's activity in Salesforce with the details of their interaction.
Unidentified new visitors

Once live, Celero interacts with Salesforce's API to identify existing contact and enrich them based on their engagement with Microsites:

  • When a contact lands on a microsite, Celero interacts with Salesforce (Pardot) cookie to identify the anonymized ID of the contact
  • If the visitor is not a contact, Celero may popup a registration form (if configured)
  • After the contact's session ended, Celero enriches the information in Salesforce based on the interaction
  • If configured, Celero may lookup the contact's sales person to alert them on their recent visit
  • Celero can show the contact details in the reports for the purpose of analysis.

Celero doesn't store any of the Contact's information other than their anonymized ID for the purpose of integration with Salesforce.

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