Aug 23, 2023

Integrating with HubSpot

See your engagement and gather new leads with Hubspot and Celero

Integrating with HubSpot

Integrating Celero with HubSpot is a breeze.

Just follow the steps below to get it done,

It only takes a few minutes.

Step 1: Request a link to HubSpot integration from Celero support

  • Once you’re ready, please email us on
  • We will send you an email with a link to install the HubSpot app.
  • Click on the link you receive from us
  • Install the Celero HubSpot app by clicking the link and connecting it to your HubSpot account.

Step 2: Connect your HubSpot account

  • After clicking "Connect" you will arrive at the following screen, requesting the account that you want to connect Celero with.
  • Please choose the account you wish to connect.

Step 3: Celero will start sending content engagement events to HubSpot

  • That's it! Nothing else is needed from you.
  • Within 24 hours, engagement data will flow into your HubSpot

Step 4: View Celero engagement actions in HubSpot

  • Celero updates content engagement as individual actions on a given Contact.

Step 5: Create lists based on Celero engagement actions

  • Now that you can see customer engagement within HubSpot as Celero activity, you can use it to:- Create lists- Assign contacts to campaigns- Create activity reports (e.g for engagement with a specific page in an eBook you previously could not see)

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Amir Shub
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