Convert PDF
into link

Turning your existing PDF content into a microsite with a link is now easy! Keep your customers engaged and convert them faster.

It only takes minutes

Convert to link

In just a few minutes, you can turn any design or content into a Microsite with a link. Simply drop it in Celero and automatically get a pixel-perfect link to share with your customers.

Share anywhere

Share your link anywhere and boost your reach. Embed it on your website, in your emails and on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Skip the build

Avoid the need to pay for web development or learn new software. Celero supports content created in Google Drive, Microsoft Office, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva and Figma.

Save time

Your Microsites are automatically fully hosted. There is nothing you need to deploy. All you need to do is share the link and not worry about any tech work.

See who is engaged

Get data about engagement with your Microsites: Automatically tracked for visits, engagement, scroll depth, link clicks and actions.

Generate leads

Add a timed popup gate to capture new lead data from your Microsite, with the ability to integrate into your CRM

Make it actionable

Support any business goal
by promoting a sticky action
in the Microsite including book a meeting, register, sign a document or order

Easy to update

Upload new versions to update your Microsite without any downtime. You can always go back to a previous version if anything doesn't seem right.

Peace of mind

We take care of security, and reliability. Large organizations are using Celero for their Microsites.

Hear what our customers say

“By converting our website presentations to Microsites we were able to generate 50% more leads

Joe Dube

VP of marketing at Kraneshares

“With Celero’s ability to make content interactive, our customers get to the meat of the content faster

Alon Maimoni

CMO, NetApp